Barrister’s Inn: The mission of the Barrister’s Inn is to establish a society of judges, lawyers, legal educators, law students and others to promote excellence in legal advocacy.

Bench Bar Conference: Organizes the annual conference for members of the Bench & Bar.  Committee suggests locations, program activities, assists with member recruitment, etc.

Bench/Bar Liaison: Provides a forum for members of the Bench & Bar to resolve problems & facilitate the administration of the Court system.

Budget/Investments:  Prepares a budget for the Association’s consideration & adoption on a yearly basis & advises the Board of Directors on investments. Reviews the investments of the Bar Association and advises the Board of Directors on suggested courses of action. 

Building & Grounds:  Advises the Board of Directors on matters requiring updates, improvements, major repairs, etc. to the Barristers Club and the Bar Association of Lehigh County building.

Community Service:  Formed to solicit contributions from members for the benefit of the homeless & other charitable purposes.

Continuing Legal Education:  Responsible for continuing legal education for the Bar Association.  Presents recorded and live PBI seminars.  Presents local practice seminars. Assists in the presentation of young lawyers seminars.

Criminal Law:  Comprised of members of the Bar Association who practice primarily in the area of criminal defense.  Liaison between attorneys who practice criminal law and members of the Bench.

Estates and Trusts:  A committee dedicated to estate and trust issues or the body of law which governs the management of personal affairs and the disposition of an individual. The Committee works to promote and educate attorneys practicing in this area of law.

Family Law: The Section on Family Law shall take as its province the development and practical working of the law relating to marriage, divorce, non-support and domestic relations generally, as well as the law relating to adoption and to juvenile delinquency. PBA Bylaws, Article VI, Section 639.

Federal Practice: The Federal Practice Committee shall promote communication and cooperation between lawyers who practice in federal courts and federal judiciary, and shall provide an opportunity to identify and address the difference between the local district court rules and orders of court that affect practice of law in the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts.

Fee Dispute/Alternate Dispute Resolution:  Considers all disputes concerning the amounts of fees charged by members of the Bar Association of Lehigh County except matters wherein fees are fixed by law & matters in which a court or agency must pass judgment upon fees at some stage in the proceedings.  The Committee reviews charges brought before it by attorneys or by clients concerning fee disputes.  The Committee renders an advisory opinion only, unless all parties agree to the hearing to be bound by the decision of the Committee.

Judicial Selection: The panel shall meet to evaluate the qualifications of any candidate for judicial office and provide the candidate the opportunity to appear before the panel.

Law Day:  Organizes & promotes the legal profession for the annual celebration of Law Day, which is recognized by the Bar Association of Lehigh County on the first Monday. Schedules events to educate the public relating to laws, the judicial system & careers in law & law related areas.

Legal Referral Services:  Advises & develops procedures for the operations of the Lawyer Referral Service.

Legislative Liaison:  Monitors legislation which would have an impact on the practice of law.  Supports legislation which the Bar Association as a whole decides to advocate.  Sponsors educational programs to involve attorneys in the legislative process by holding a dinner meeting in alternate years with state legislators and the intervening years with the Lehigh County Commissioners and President Judge.

Medical Society Liaison: Liaison between the Bar Association of Lehigh County & Lehigh County Medical Society.  Plans annual joint dinner meeting of the two associations.  Fosters cooperation between the associations to accomplish mutually beneficial objectives.

Membership Services: Advises the Board of Directors on matters related to Bar Association Members, i.e. affinity programs, vendor relations, benefits, etc.

Paralegal Society: Affiliate membership for Lehigh County paralegals to  foster interaction between paralegals and attorneys in both professional and social settings. Also to encourage participation in Continuing Legal Education seminars and other Bar Association events.

Past Presidents: Membership group comprised of proven past leaders of BALC dedicated to preserving the past and enriching the future of the Bar Association of Lehigh County.

Real Estate Practice: Comprised of members of the Bar Association who practice primarily in the area of real estate.  Liaison between the Realtors Association and the Bar Association.

Social Security Disability: Comprised of practitioners dealing specifically with social security disability related issues.

Unauthorized Practice: Comprised of members of the Bar Association who review claims of unauthorized practice of law in the Greater Lehigh Valley. 

Women of the Bar Association: The mission of the Women of the Bar Association of Lehigh County is to serve the interests and needs of the women members of the BALC by providing a forum to promote the professional growth and advancement  of women in the legal profession.

Workers Compensation: Comprised of members of the Bar Association who practice primarily in the area of Workers Compensation.

Young Lawyers Division (YLD):  A "young lawyer" means a lawyer who has been admitted to practice in his or her first bar within the past five years, or is less than thirty-six years old.  This group is a network of young attorneys who meet for various social and professional events.
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